Corrado Rojac

Accordionist & Composer


Corrado Rojac studied accordion in his hometown with Eliana Zajec, then specialized with Mogens Ellegaard, Friedrich Lips, Joseph Macerollo, Hugo Noth and Vladimir Zubickij. The first Italian to graduate in accordion at a State Conservatory, he is also one of the first teachers of this instrument at State Institutions, first at the Pergolesi Conservatory in Fermo and Campiani Conservatory in Mantua, currently at the Tartini Conservatory in Trieste.

Corrado Rojac  graduated in Composition at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory in Milan. He studied with Giampaolo Coral and Alessandro Solbiati and eventually continued his studies with Azio Corghi, Brice Pauset, Ivan Fedele, Joshua Fineberg, Luca Francesconi and Giuseppe Giuliano.


Franco Donatoni – Feria IV, per fisarmonica
Corrado Rojac, fisarmonica
Rondò 2014 – per Franco Donatoni

SEQUENZA XIII (chanson) di Luciano BERIO – CORRADO ROJAC, fisarmonica da concerto, TVKoperCapodistria, 2013

Divertimento Ensemble – Franck Bedrossian – Bossa Nova – Rondò 2013

Corrado Rojac
with the composer Sofia Gubaidulina
and the cellist Eva Zahn at the “Neri” Auditorium in Bologna

My concert activity stems from the assumption that the accordion is a concert instrument like the other instruments of the Western musical tradition, such as the piano or the violin, for example. Today it is actually like this, but in my early days, in the Eighties, the presence of our instrument in concert halls was still a rarity. I think it is thanks to my frenetic concert activity, and to that of some colleagues, that the accordion has gradually entered the world of classical music as well. My concerts have always presented the instrument according to an anthological slant: I have tried, in fact, to introduce the public to the best cultured literature for accordion.

Corrado Rojac

Accordionist and Composer