Corrado Rojac


Born in Trieste in 1968 was graduated in Composition at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory in Milan. He studied with Giampaolo Coral and Alessandro Solbiati and eventually continued his studies with Azio Corghi, Brice Pauset, Ivan Fedele, Joshua Fineberg, Luca Francesconi and Giuseppe Giuliano.

He has received commissions from institutions such as the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna and the Divertimento ensemble of Milan; his music has been performed in important festivals, including Nuova Consonanza (Rome), Adesso musica (Milan), L’art pour l’Aar (Bern) and World Music Days 2015 (Ljubljana), and played by prestigious groups, such as the MDI ensemble of Milan, conducted by Robert Platz, or the Norwegian ensemble Bit20, conducted by Jonathan Stockhammer.

Although he was also a cellist and pianist, Corrado Rojac dedicated himself, as a performer, to the concert accordion, his first instrument. He promoted it in the panorama of cultured contemporary music (he played, for example, at the Accademia Chigiana di Siena and at the Harvard University of Boston). In 2017, on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the Coupe Mondiale, an important concert accordion competition, the Italian Accordion Culture Association commissioned him to write a concert for accordion and orchestra, performed at the event by the accordionist Ghenadie Rotari and the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana conducted by Marco Gatti.

His production ranges from the symphonic field (Dal chiarore, for orchestra, 2004) to chamber music (Nel riflesso del verso, for quintet, 2018), and also solo pieces (Coniugazioni del sublime V, for eleven-string guitar, 2019 ).

He has published for Bérben (Ancona), Sconfinarte (Milan), Ars Spoletium (Spoleto) and EDSS (Ljubljana).

Graduated in the History of Music at the University of Trieste, since 2014 he has organized the Trieste Prima contemporary music festival.

After an early carreer, in which he follows the Coral’s lesson (Kafkiana, for concert accordion, 1992), or the imprint given to him by Alessandro Solbiati (Moti, for sextet, 2002), Corrado Rojac found his own way reflecting on the importance, in the moment of composition, of the unconscious; this new aesthetic gives him a distinctive trait also thanks to the role that he gives, in his music, to the concept of resonance (Il suono della Parola, for four performers, 2020).


Corrado Rojac